5 Work Place Uniform Design Tips

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, company uniform plays an important role to reflect the image of your business. They foster team spirit, enhance the customer experience and build trust within your brand. Thus, it’s important to design a company uniform that is sleek, sharp and distinguishable. But how where do you start? How do you make sure your uniforms are not a disaster? Well, there’s no need to worry as our team at Workwear Republic are here to help! We’ve put together our top 5 tips when it comes to designing your workwear:

  • Uphold a Professional Look
    Maintaining a look of professionalism throughout the workplace is an important aspect when choosing a uniform. Hence, it’s important to identify where you are on the spectrum and how you want to position your business compared to your peers in the industry. For example, if you work in hospitality, you would consider something elegant and neat to fit in perfectly with the environment you are working in. Similarly, those who are nurses or teachers should opt for uniforms that show authority while still being approachable.

  • Choose Colors That Represent Your Company
    The colour scheme of your uniform determines if the uniforms are visually appealing or off-putting, so it’s important to choose wisely. A general rule is to stick with colours that are associated with your brand and image. Go for colours that are prominent with your logo and then compliment them with some subtle tones. Although if your brand uses complex colours and different shades, it’s best to tone it down with the one that is pleasing to the eye. Lastly, choose a colour scheme that accurately represents your corporate identity as a whole without going overboard.

  • Choose Appropriate Fabric
    Before choosing the material for your uniforms, think about your work environment and what material would best suit the daily activities. For example, for teachers who are standing, walking and bending daily will need something that is comfortable, strong and durable. In that case, uniforms made with 100% cotton would be best suited to them as they are comfortable and breathable throughout the day. For those who work outdoor e.g. at a construction site, something that is durable and protective would be better suited. In this case, consider to include hi-vis feature and steel-capped boots for extra protection.

  • Comfortability 
    Comfort is another important aspect to think of when designing uniforms. If the uniform is not comfortable, your employees will surely feel it. Think about the specific tasks your employees perform daily and what uniform would best suit. If you work in a construction site or at a restaurant you generally move around constantly so it is advisable not to choose clothing that’s too restrictive. In this case, clothing that has polyester fibres would be ideal as they are comfortable and durable. Remember, functionality is more important than style, so if you have to compromise on style for the sake of comfort, just do it.

  • Branding
    The colours and design of your uniform play an important role in marketing your business, as your employees will wear them every day and on-site. Your company logo should be easily visible to your customers, ideally on the check pocket, back or shoulder area of the shirt. The logo can be printed on several garments worn by employees, or you can choose to have your logo just on one clothing item. Whichever you choose, ensure the logo is visible and clear to your customers and fits in with the colour scheme of the uniform.

Having a company uniform is great for improving professionalism and productivity in the workplace. Your employees will feel part of the group and will make them more distinguishable to your customers. Therefore make sure you take the time to carefully design your company uniforms, and ensure that all the elements mentioned above work in tandem to create an ideal image of your company.

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