4 Wholesale Apparel Basics You Need

Wholesale apparel is extremely beneficial for several reasons. Aside from the general cost-effective advantage, wholesale clothing is also high-quality, easily customisable and available in a range of styles / colours. Due to these advantages, wholesale clothing is beneficial for businesses and individuals. It's an easy way to fill up your closet on basics and an easy way for businesses to create shirts for promotional events. However, with so many items to choose from it can be hard to order. Luckily, we are here to help.

As a leading clothing wholesaler in Australia, we provide a wide selection of basics that are essential for every day. From t-shirts to jackets, pants and workwear items, we have something for every occasion. As our range is so large, we thought we would put together a list of basics that you need. Read below and find out what are some must-have wholesale apparel basics:

  • Colour T-Shirts: The most basic out of the basics is t-shirt. More importantly, coloured t-shirts! Coloured t-shirts are a must-have and it is the easiest way to add a pop of colour to any outfit or workplace. They are the perfect item for any promotional event and can be customised to have your logo printed on them. Coloured t-shirts is so versatile that can also be paired with skirts, dress pants or jeans for everyday casual wear.
  • Polo Shirts: If your dress code for work calls for casual attire then polo shirt is the way to go! Polo shirts can be paired over a nice pair of khakis or dress pants and are perfect for business meetings and conferences. For a more casual look, a polo works well when paired with tailored jeans as well. Just like t-shirt, polo shirts can be customised with a printed or embroidered logo.
  • Tank Tops & Singlets: Tank tops and singlets can help you to stay cool and comfortable all year round. Plus they are perfect for layering and can keep you warm throughout the cooler months. These shirts can be worn under business shirts or tops and create an extra layer of warmth at work. Outside of work, they are great for working out and are gender neutral.
  • Hooded Jumpers and Jackets: Sometimes it’s too cold for just a t-shirt but too warm for a coat and that’s where a hooded garment comes in! It’s the perfect garment to cozy up during the cooler winter season and is available in both pullover and zip-up styles. Both styles can have logos printed or embroidered on them. The pullover is more suitable for casual office environments, whereas the zip-up garment is more formal and is perfect to put over any business shirt when at work.

These are just some basics that we think you should consider for your wardrobe! Not only are they will never be out of fashion, they are so versatile that can be paired with almost any outfit and any seasons. Here at Workwear Republic, we provide a wide selection of quality clothing at reasonable wholesale prices. Our range extends from tops to bottoms, jackets, hoodies, workwear and accessories. With us, you will be able to get the basics you need for everyday or for any promotional or seasonal reasons.

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