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Hi Vis Vest

High visibility (Hi-Vis) work clothing is essential to keeping workers safe on the job. It's not just a suggestion—it’s legally mandated in many hazardous occupations, and it has saved lives! To make sure your team stays as protected as possible, get their safety vests and jackets from an expert like Workwear Republic – ensuring you have everyone under watch covered with reliable protection.

What is Hi-Vis vest?

Hi-Vis vests are essential for ensuring safety in any hazardous environment. By incorporating either fluorescent or reflective materials, these specialized pieces of clothing enable wearers to be easily spotted and protected from potential accidents and injuries that can occur in their vicinity.

  • Fluorescent: Our Hi-Vis vests are created with a combination of synthetic materials, and special dye for converting wavelength energy into light. This allows for superior visibility in low lighting conditions and maximizes safety protocols.
  • Retroreflective: These safety Hi-Vis vests are a critical element to ensure safety in any environment, especially roads and traffic. Crafted with reflective tape, these vests make sure that light is reflected back at its source for maximum visibility from all angles.

Are blue Hi-Vis vests legal?

Australian Hi-Vis workwear must meet certain standards when it comes to colouring, making sure that team members stay safe and visible. Acceptable shades include bright Yellow or Orange complemented with silver reflective tape strips for better visibility in all lighting conditions. To ensure anyone who is colour blind can still make use of the garments correctly, primary red should be avoided; meanwhile blue hues are not recommended as they could potentially cause confusion with police officers and other emergency services personnel - you'll need a qualified industry expert's advice on the best option for your workplace requirements!

Who needs to wear Hi-Vis Vest?

High-risk jobs often require additional precautionary measures to ensure the safety of workers and those around them. Hi-vis vests are essential for safeguarding employees in both low visibility conditions, as well as when guaranteeing public safety, including:

  • Construction workers: Safety is always a priority when it comes to construction projects, which is why hi-vis vests are required attire for those working on elevated structures, expansive building sites and intricate roadways. High visibility ensures everyone can work confidently at these high risk locations.
  • Heavy-duty equipment handlers: To ensure worker safety, hi-vis vests are a necessity in many industries where employees work around heavy machinery or equipment. Wearing these bright jackets helps alert others of the workers' presence and promote safer working environments.
  • Emergency responders: Brave and dedicated emergency responders, such as paramedics, police officers and firefighters ensure the safety of our communities. To be easily identified while protecting us in dangerous situations they are required to wear high visibility clothing.
  • Security personnel: Confronted with the challenge of locating security personnel in busy crowds, Workwear Republic provides a dependable solution: high visibility vests. Quickly distinguish important staff members and ensure safety is maintained effectively.

Can I wear hi-vis vest to labouring work?

Make sure safety is at the forefront of your labouring job with a top-of-the line hi-vis vest from Workwear Republic. With industry specific garments that meet all mandatory standards, you can be sure to set an exemplary standard for workplace health and safety - no matter what sort of labelling role you are starting out in!

How to clean a hi-vis vest?

A quality Hi-Vis orange safety vest or other Hi-Vis workwear will last for many years with the right care. Here are a few tips.

  • Wash with similar colours
  • Gentle machine wash on a cold or (slightly) warm cycle
  • Do not soak or bleach
  • Dry on the line or tumble dry on a cool or (slightly) warm cycle

What colour are hi-vis vests?

Hi-vis vests are usually associated with the traditional orange and yellow tones, but these safety garments come in a variety of colours - including pink! Popular amongst female employees within certain industries, some professions may even opt for reflective tape over regular jackets or pullovers.

For more information regarding small hi-vis vests, large hi-vis vests, ladies hi-vis vests, flame resistant apparel and all other workwear, browse the Workwear Republic online store, and stay safe.