Comfort & Practicality: A Style Guide to Wearing Hoodies

Two things cannot be denied when it comes to hoodies – the ubiquitous piece of clothing that is easily found through an extensive variety of social settings. These two qualities are that hoodies are undeniably comfortable, and a great way to keep things casual. Nothing says that you're in a laid-back mood more like wearing your favourite hoodie does. But are there any limits to how a person should ideally be wearing this universal favourite that is easily found in anyone's wardrobe? Formal events or work-related meetings aside, here's a quick style guide that discusses how your favourite hoodie could easily find its way into a range of social situations.

Keeping things Casual and Comfortable with Your Hoodie
A nippy or windy day easily sees the very common style pairing of hoodies and jeans. Interestingly, the in-between weather found in Autumn and Spring will just as easily see plenty of people sporting the hoodie and shorts style combo. Even with activewear and going to the gym, it's very common to see hoodies making an appearance as an outer layer that conceals compression garments and leggings. If we could use one other word to describe the kind of style that a hoodie offers, 'versatile' would definitely be it.

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