5 Types of Polo Shirts

Polo shirt is one of the most versatile garments that anyone would have, at least one in their wardrobe and is an ideal summer stable. However, when most people think of a polo shirt, often they think of a plain-block coloured short sleeve. But, did you know that there are many types of polo shirts? From sporting attire to leisurewear and corporate wear? Well, there is, and there’s one for almost every occasion. As there are so many different types of polos, our team at Workwear Republic are here to break down the most popular types of polo shirts available in the market and their common uses. 

  • Short-Sleeve Polos
    A wardrobe essential is the short-sleeve polo. These polos are amongst the most common types and can be made from many materials. Short-sleeve polos come in a range of colours and patterns and are often worn for casual occasions. These are made from either cotton blend, polyester blend or poly-cotton blend which offers great comfort throughout the day. As these are more for  casual attire, short-sleeve polos are worn untucked, come with 1-4 buttons and feature a soft, unstructured collar.
  • Pique Polos
    Pique Polos are renowned worldwide for being a fashion stable and are made of a specific type of fabric. The polo distinguishes itself from others due to its unique fabric design that results in a bold look. This polo has a bit of natural stretch built-into it and is more high-end than your usual short-sleeve. This type of polo is ideal for occasions that are slightly dressier, like catching up with friends for lunch or dinner, or bar settings.

  • Long Sleeve Polos 
    Compared to your usual polo-shirts, the only difference here is the length of the sleeves. Long-sleeve polo shirts have full-length sleeves just like jumpers or button-up shirts. These polos are durable and heavy, making them ideal for the winters offering the extra coverage. Long sleeve polos may have unique details that set them apart from their short sleeve counterparts. However, these shirts still fall into the same category as a relatively casual garment.

  • Wool Polos
    Wool Polos is a more formal version of the long-sleeve polo, and are similar to woolen sweaters. Although, unlike woolen sweaters, these polos feature collars and button plackets. These polos are very comfortable and ideal for the cooler months, but they are not as durable as pique polos as they contain wool. This type of polo can be worn on its own or as a laying piece, and are ideal for more formal occasions.

  • Sportswear Polos
    This type of polo shirt is designed for sports purpose like golf or tennis with a specific focus on performance and movement. They’re generally short-sleeved for better mobility with plenty of built-in stretch, moisture-wicking and temperature control features. These polos are made with comfort and functionality in mind and are a great option for many athletes. Sport polos are ideal for the court and shouldn’t be work outside of them.
From above, we can see there are many different types of polo shirts, ranging from casual everyday wear to formal occasions. The cool and breathable polo is just as easy and comfortable as a tee and is a wardrobe staple. At Workwear Republic, we have a wide selection of polo shirts that are made with different materials and blends, so there is always a polo for every occasion. Furthermore, you can choose to customise your polo with a particular logo or colour!
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