4 Reasons To Consider 100% Polyester Clothing

When people think about polyester made fabric, it reminds them of all the shiny, sweaty and cheap clothing form the 80s and 90s. Since then, polyester fabric has evolved and is now found in most clothing today. Polyester doesn’t deserve its bad reputation, as the fabric has its own unique advantages.

At Workwear Republic, we love 100%polyester clothing, and believe you should too! That’s why we have put together a list of 4 reasons why you should love polyester clothing: 

  • Polyester is Comfortable 
    Polyester clothing has unique properties that give articles of clothing a fresh and luxury feel. The fabric is soft, breathable and stays in shape throughout the day. This makes it an excellent fabric choice for sportswear, especially when combined with elastane. Polyester and elastane can create a stretchy, skin-hugging fit that will make you feel comfortable throughout the day.

  • Polyester is Durable
    Polyester is made from strong fibres, making it a long-lasting material that retains its shape. Polyester is also heat resistant, meaning it can be washed at a maximum of 40 degrees and won’t tear easily! Polyester clothing dries quickly and doesn’t need to be ironed, due to its low-maintenance character.

  • Polyester is Breathable
    Polyester fabric has wicking capabilities, therefore it can absorb moisture and pull sweat away from the skin. Not only will it eliminate moisture build-up, it will also keep you cool throughout the day. This fibre type will also ensure that sweat doesn’t get trapped in shirts, which means no sweat stains! 

  • Polyester is Sustainable
    Polyester is one of the few fully recyclable materials that can be recycled several times without losing its quality. This is due to its low-maintenance character that makes its lifecycle long-lasting. You see polyester can be washed at almost any temperature and doesn’t need to be ironed compared to other fabrics. This makes it a lot more sustainable than other fabric types such as cotton, linen and wool. 

As we can see, polyester clothing has evolved dramatically since the 80s and 90s! It’s now found is most articles of clothing and provides unique benefits. Polyester clothing absorbs moisture, keeping your skin dry, is extremely comfortable and will keep its shape after daily use and washes. At Workwear Republic, we know the unique advantages of polyester clothing, which is why we choose to stock a range of 100% polyester clothing on our site. We produce the best polyester made shirts Melbourne wide, so you can stay looking your best! 

We have a wide selection of polyester made clothing that are essentials for every-day wear.