Essential Workwear Items For Construction Sites

Construction workers can be at risk of electric shocks, falling, slipping, contamination with chemicals and other things that can put their health at risk. Therefore they must wear the right set of safety workwear for the job. With the right workwear, all these risks and hazards that employees face can be significantly reduced.  With that being said, our team at Workwear Republic have put together a list of essential workwear items for construction sites:

  • Tee & Vest
    The first thing you should consider wearing at a construction site is a High visibility (hi-vis) t-shirt or vest. Both of these items are highly-reflective and make it possible for you to be seen when working in the early morning fog and at night. More importantly, if you are working on the roadside then it will save you from being hit by motorists as they will be able to see you. Aside from that these t-shirts and vests are both functional and comfortable, allowing you to move freely throughout the workday.

  • Coverall
    Construction workwear isn’t just limited to shirt and pants. These days, workers also have the option of coveralls, which can be useful in the colder months. Coveralls are comfortable and safe, and often include visibility material on it. The coverall will save you from getting cuts or bruises or your legs and arms while allowing you to move just as freely as a shirt and pant combo would. You can opt for the sleeveless or long/short sleeve options, depending on the weather and your needs.

  • Hoodie
    For many construction workers, their day starts in the early morning. This means they are exposed to cold weather condition, especially in the winter. Cold weather poses hazards to anyone working outdoors, and can often lead to injuries or illness on-site. With a hoodie or jacket, workers can stay warm around the site while still being visible to those around them. This is due to hoodies and jackets being made from soft, durable and reflective materials.

  • Pants
    Work pants are designed to last in the toughest construction jobs, as they are made from heavy fabrics. The heavy fabrics will withstand tough working conditions and protect you from chemicals and sharp tools that you use on the job. Work pants feature resistant material, kneepads and pockets, allowing you to keep the essentials on you while being protected.

  • Gloves
    One of the most important pieces of protective wear to have on construction sites is gloves. This is due to workers on construction sites having to deal with hot, corrosives and sharp objects. Which when touched can hurt their hands and pose some health risks. Gloves will offer you the highest level of protection without sacrificing your comfort.
All these clothing items mention are essential for construction site workers. The basic purpose of them is to provide safety to you without hindering your ability to do the job. At Workwear Republic, we stock an extensive range of safety workwear. You can browse through our large safety workwear range now and find pieces that will protect you on site: