Winter Workwear Essentials For The Office

In the office, you want to look professional while also feeling comfortable throughout the day. However, during winter this can sometimes be difficult as it’s hard to balance comfort and professionalism. Luckily, our team at Workwear Republic is here to help you choose appropriate workwear for winter.

We know all the ins and outs of the corporate world and have put together a list of winter workwear essentials. From softshell jackets to blazers, pants and shirts, we have listed everything you need for the winter ahead. Keep reading and find out what winter workwear essentials your employees should have:

  • Blazer A blazer is perfect for winter and can make any casual outfit look more put together which will help to enforce professionalism throughout the office. The material of a blazer is generally made of wool flannel and other warm alternatives which is designed to keep you warm. As a result of this, blazers are the ideal workwear item for winter. Plus, they can be customised with logos to best represent your brand in and outside of the office.
  • Knit Sweater A piece of knitwear is a winter essential even outside of the office and can be worn dressed up or dressed down. It’s the perfect item to pair over slacks or jeans for those casual office days. Employees can slip it over their business shirts and still uphold a professional look throughout the day. The knit sweater will bring warmth and style each time and needless to say, it can be customised with a logo too. Making it the perfect piece for the front desk staff who often greet customers when they first walk in.
  • Soft-Shell Jacket For more casual office environments, the soft-shell jacket is perfect. The jacket is casual but will still make your employees look professional. It's often made of polyester which is a lightweight material that will keep your employees warm. Just like the blazer, it can be printed with your logo on it or keep plain. Either way, the jacket will provide warmth to employees yet create a tidy look.
  • Tailored Pants Pants are an essential workwear item, especially for the colder months. More importantly, tailored pants provide a more business-esque style than jeans or khaki pants. With tailored pants, you also have the opportunity to choose ones with different fabric types. In winter you would want to opt for ones with wool-blends for maximum warmth. Furthermore, you can style tailored pants with anything from business shirts to knit sweaters and jackets, making them the most versatile winter item.

The above mentioned workwear items are essential for the colder months and will keep your employees looking professional throughout the day. If you’ve been searching for winter workwear clothing then it’s best to get in contact with us! Here at Workwear Republic, we have a wide selection of corporate clothing designed with quality fabrics and comfort in mind. Our amazing range will suit any office environment and last for years to come!

Browse our large collection today and find the winter essentials that you now need: