Wholesale Clothing VS Private Label Clothing

Building a successful brand isn't easy and there are a lot of things to consider. You need to think about creating a sustainable retail strategy and sourcing products that customers will love. But, where can you source quality products? Sourcing quality products can be done either through a wholesale supplier or a private label manufacturer. Both of which hold unique benefits for your business. However, it's important to know the difference between the two. Being aware of the differences may help your business surge, build customer loyalty and improve your overall bottom line.

As a leading wholesale supplier in Australia, we understand the key differences between wholesale and private labels, which we will now share with you, including the unique advantages each may hold. Keep reading below and find out all the differences between wholesale and private label clothing.

What Is Wholesale Clothing?
Wholesale suppliers provide you with a wide selection of products that can be ordered in bulk quantities. With many wholesale companies, the clothing is from reputable brands that provide high-quality garments at a low cost. Plus, wholesale clothing is easily customisable which translates to high margin profits. Wholesale clothing provides cost efficiencies to all business types, and having a wholesale to pubic model empowers our customers so that they can obtain clothing at wholesale cost rather than having to deal with a reseller (middle-man) who may not have the buying power or portfolio range to maximise its level of access.

Benefits Of Wholesale Clothing:
One of the biggest benefits of wholesale clothing is that you will have access to a huge range of products that are always readily available. You’ll be able to order high-quality wholesale t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, polos and much more. Plus, will be able to order them in a variety of styles and colours to surge your sales and meet your customer’s demands. Another great thing is that wholesalers offer faster shipping as the stock is readily available, which means you’ll be able to get the products you need and receive them out quickly. All you need to do is pay for your order then wait for them to arrive at your front door. It’s that easy.

Ordering wholesale is also extremely simple. All you do is go online, fill your shopping cart and complete the checkout process. You’ll be able to choose styles, colours and sizes without needing to meet with someone. Then the products you order will be shipped to your business promptly and ready to go.

What Is Private Label Clothing?
When you shop with private label clothing, you are working directly with a manufacturer rather than a wholesale supplier. This means that you buy stock products from companies who sew your label into the product. Plus the clothing you buy from the private label is designed with patterns and colours of your choice. The drawback with private label clothing is that the process is much more complex than buying wholesale due to higher level of customisation and this is reflected in the price, especially if the quantity is on the lower range. Benefits of Private Label Clothing

The main benefit of private label clothing is that you can stock your shop with clothing that has been specifically designed for your business. Rather than having generic clothing with the logo of another brand, it will have your company’s own brand on it and is specially designed for you. This optionality gives you the ability to have unique pieces of clothing in your business that shoppers won’t find anywhere else! You will be able to create your brand without having to design a product from scratch, as manufacturers will guide you throughout the process.

As mentioned above, the only drawback is that private label clothing can take a while and is generally more costly. It can take anywhere from 1-3 months to get to you, depending on the design and the amount you've ordered.

The takeaway:
As you can see, both wholesale and private label clothing have their advantages and drawbacks. Wholesale clothing provides high-quality garments at an inexpensive prices and gets delivered straight to your doorstep. Private label clothing is also high-quality which is specifically designed to you and usually takes longer to be shipped at a higher cost.

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