The Best Workwear Materials for Summer

With some of the Summer sunshine already peeking through this time of year, it's about time to gather yourthoughts on how you could stock up on comfortable, practical workwear for the rest of the year. That means both business owners who want to keep their staff comfortable, as well as if you run a retail operation and could stand to benefit from keeping ready stock of commercial apparel in your inventory.

Be it for your staff or to be sold for customers, you will easily find that we keep readily available supply of:

- Singlets,
- Shorts,
- Hoodies,
- And both work shirts and work trousers should you need.

Our team at Workwear Republic works with clients from a variety of sectors, so we have a thorough understanding of exactly how you benefit from having a competent garment wholesaler as part of your supply chain. If you were thinking about stocking up for summer, here's what we have to say about choosing the right materials.

What to choose: Cotton or Polyester?
If you're hard-pressed with choosing between the two, consider this simple rule of thumb. One offers comfort and breathability, while the other doesn’t breathe well but itis ‘hydrophobic’ (i.e. it does not absorb perspiration, or other fluids). They are both as good for use in summer and each has its own unique properties that cannot be replaced using either fibre alone.

Ultimately it all comes down to your needs and the nature of the job your staff is doing. For example a restaurant worker would need a tough shirt to withstand the frequent wear and tear. The fact that polyester is less absorbent than cotton, also make it more stain resistant. For a casual shirt with no functional use might prefer cotton for its softer, suppler feel than polyester, as well as its low irritability for the sensitive skins.

Think About Mixing and Matching
Keeping options is never a bad thing, especially when it comes to keeping things airy and comfortable for summer. If picking the right material truly becomes difficult, then it might help to know that we can also provide a polycotton mix for polo t-shirts, if you need that perfect blend of comfort and breathability.

Get Your Workwear and Merchandise Right with Workwear Republic
Get it right with a garment supplier that can even do print on demand and bulk purchases. Workwear Republic takes pride in supporting a wide range of businesses with their workwear and merchandise needs. Just write into us at to learn more about how we can help you.

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