3 Reasons Why Your Business will Sell More Sportswear this Year

Activewear has proven to be a definite sales trend this year, especially with 2020 lockdowns influencing more and more people to work on their fitness and utilise such comfortable clothing by wearing from home as ‘loungewear’. While it's true that some of the toughest lockdowns are keeping more people working from, and staying at home, it's important to recognise how much emphasis has been put on personal and mental wellbeing this year. If you run an apparel business or sell garments as part of your merchandise, consider how it's a perfect time to stock up on:

- Singlets,
- T-Shirts, and
- Shorts that we can provide in bulk at Workwear Republic.

Depending on conventional material that you think would suit your customers best, we are able to provide a range of cotton and polyester fabrics, including a blend of both to maximise the range of product you could offer to your clients. To top that off, we also offer bulk sales discounts, as well as a custom printing service so you can provide your customers with a ready supply of branded activewear they'd be happy to recommend to their friends and family. If you've thought about expanding a line of activewear into your business, here are a few reasons why we think it's a great time for you to consider making a bulk purchase.

Great Weather is Coming
We're fast approaching warmer weather, especially once the spring season rains clear up. Regardless of whether it's warm enough yet where you are, it's already a time that sees plenty of active folks out and about, enjoying some exercise. With all this activity comes a demand for attractive and accessible sportswear, and you can bet that we'll be happy to supply your business with merchandise in a wide range of colours while helping to keep your customers fashionable yet comfortable while exercising.

Exercise is Essential and Permitted
Even in parts of Australia that still see social restrictions in place, daily exercise is permitted. With all that's happened throughout this year, more and more people have taken running and home workouts as an outlet to cope with the uncertainty brought about by events related to the global pandemic. That should be all the indication of why there'll be a constant demand for activewear that your business can help to fulfil.

More People Staying Home Means More Reason to Keep Comfortable
Don't let the term 'activewear' fool you. The truth is that activewear is comfortable to wear, even if you're not intending to keep an active afternoon. Especially with the weather beginning to warm, plenty of people will welcome the chance to put on a comfortable pair of cotton shorts from their favourite brand. The same goes for comfortable polyester t-shirts at home – especially those custom printed to feature a cool slogan or one of your own designs.

Feel free to write to us at sales@workwearrepublic.com.au to see just what we can do to help you get your own stock of sportswear and activewear for your business today.

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