Cotton or Polyester? Pick the Right Singlet Material for the Season

The months leading into Spring and Summer and the warm weather typically lends itself to ‘Singlet Season'. No need for lengthy explanations - it should be simple enough to say that with the nice hot sun outside comes increased demand for comfy clothing that can be branded. This rings especially true if you're lucky enough to live in warmer and more humid climates like in the coastal areas up east coast, west coast and northern areas of Australia. If you're like many of our customers and running an apparel business, you'd likely be thinking of stocking up on a good supply of loose-fit shirts, t-shirts, singlets, summer style clothing to meet the end-year sales demand.

Before you rush into placing a bulk order for singlet, have you considered what material choice would best suit your need for an in-demand product? At Workwear Republic, we keep a good supply of:

- Cotton Singlets,
- Polyester Singlets, and
- Poly Cotton Singlets in bulk supply and with custom printing available.

Depending on how you think your customers are going to want to use your singlets, it's worth considering how each of these materials have their unique uses, and how you might want to adjust your stock accordingly.

Cotton Singlets are Comfortable and Loose-Fitting
Simply put – cotton singlets feel good. They're a light fibre that's soft and breathable, which makes them perfect for keeping cool in warm climates. The added bonus to using cotton for your singlets is that they are also kind on sensitive skin, and aren't clingy. That makes cotton singlets a must-have for comfortable apparel during the warmer months, especially for just lounging around the home.

Another interesting thing to note if you're thinking of stocking up on cotton singlets is that they're great for printing on. That means they could easily make the perfect and well-timed gift for Christmas or to mark the end of 2020. While high-quality cotton is durable, however, it's always best to watch for wear and tear, especially with frequent washing using detergent. At the end of the day, when compared to synthetic fabrics like polyester, cotton is after all a natural material and as a result, not as durable.

Polyester Singlets Dry Easily and Are Perfect as Activewear
If you're planning to keep a ready supply of activewear for your sporting enthusiastic clienteles, you might want to look at stocking up on polyester singlets. These are made of synthetic material and are thus more resistant to wear and tear. The added bonus is that they are light, thin and don't take as long to dry after washing or sweat during the game. While printing techniques are available for polyester singlets, they tend to make polyester garments cost more than cotton.

A blend of both polyester and cotton is commonly used across a wide variety of garment products and even for bedding. This variety of blends is especially useful whether you prefer a certain design to print better on your garments, or if you prefer a select ratio that allows for a good balance of durability and breathable fabric. If you have a specific request for singlets or spring / summer clothing in mind, you can always write to us at to see what we can do to help.

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