3 Reasons Why Custom Print Hoodies Will Take Your Branding Further

Like T-shirts, hoodies have fast become a staple of the modern wardrobe. Perfect as an in-between garment of choice for the interim seasons like Spring and Autumn, the hoodie is a perfect addition to your wardrobe due to its loose fit, and comfort it offers. If your business provides customers with apparel merchandise, you'll definitely be missing out by not keeping a good stock of hoodies in your inventory. The great news is, we provide both bulk discounts and custom printing for customers looking to stock their businesses with a good supply of hoodies. Among our products, we can provide a bulk quantity that includes:

- Fleece Hoodies,
- Polar Fleece Hoodies, as well as
- High-visibility hoodies, to name just some examples.

This is especially important to consider as we approach the end of year sales period. While this means peak summer heat for those of us living in Australia, there's no telling just how many more of your customers may yet be keen on gifting their loved ones a custom-printed hoodie for Christmas. It's a lasting, cool and comfortable gift that will stay with their loved ones for the remainder of the year to come, and especially so when the colder months starting in March. If you're thinking of stocking up with a bulk purchase on hoodies, here are three reasons why it'll be the wisest business decision that you'll be making this year.

People Love Wearing Hoodies
They're comfortable, easy to wear, and socially acceptable for those quick and hassle-free runs to the grocery stores. With the right design or brand on those hoodies, you could easily be getting your products recognised by more than just customers who go shopping for your hoodies online. The same goes for people who seek that same level of comfort in their clothing for when they're on the job. Whether they work in public services or port on-site, there's no telling how a company-branded hoodie kept in a car can offer a bit of comfort for workers as they travel to and from home.

Hoodies are Versatile and Durable Additions to a Wardrobe
Hoodies are the versatile addition to any wardrobe that a person can pick and mix with any choice of pants or even shorts. Unlike jackets, however, hoodies offer more of a casual appeal and are perfect for customers who are looking to blur the lines between being comfortable and keeping presentable for public appearances. With a variety of styles available, our fleece and polar fleece hoodies are also made to last, ensuring your brand and product stays in your customers' wardrobes for longer.

They're Great for End-Year Promotions
Have a sales or marketing idea that you're preparing for the end of year? Considering the widely accepted standard of hoodies, you can always picture them as the perfect advertising vehicle that helps get your brand and product exposed to more of your customers, and their families as well. Whether you've got something in mind this year, or for the coming financial year, we can always help you with custom printing on your hoodies as and when you need.

Just drop us a note at sales@workwearrepublic.com.au the next time you consider stocking up on hoodies for your apparel or merchandise business.

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